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Your income is your lifeline, it usually pays for everything, so how would you pay the bills if you had to take time off work for illness or injury?

Here at Protect My Pockets, we are an insurance broker who wants to help you stay afloat should the worst happen. That is why we specialise in Income Protection Insurance, for just such an occasion. We do not offer whole of market service. Our introductions are only considered against our panel of insurers, who are as follows: LV=, British Friendly, Aegon, Canada Life, Royal London and Cirencester Friendly.

If you talk to one of our friendly sales agents today, we can sort out the right policy for you, just start with your free* quote.

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Income Protection pays you up to 70% of your usual income if you can’t work because of an illness or injury. This lasts until you’re fit enough to return to the workplace, retire or until your policy term ends, helping give you and your loved ones peace of mind no matter how long you need. All you need to do is continue to pay a monthly premium then get in touch with your chosen provider when you need the policy to start paying out.


If you’re an existing customer you can refer a friend and both receive a £50 voucher of your choice when your friend takes out a new policy as our way of saying thank you. If you aren’t a current customer you can still refer a friend and both receive your vouchers when you both take a policy out. T&Cs apply.



We can offer a comparison of income protection insurance quotes from a number of the UK’s largest providers in order to find you the cheapest and best suited policy for your circumstances. How does it work? Simply click on the button below, fill in your contact details and we will be in contact shortly after to answer any questions you may have.


Preferential Rates:

We are partnered with some of the UK’s largest providers and can give you a comparison of Income Protection quotes.

Self Employed Security:

Don’t let your income grind to a halt, choose when your policy pays out with a deferred period ranging from 1 week to 2 years.

5 Star Defaqto Providers:

We deal with highly rated insurance providers, so the service you receive will align closely to the top industry standards.


According to the Healthy and Safety Executive, slip, trips and falls are responsible for 31% of the most common workplace accidents. While you may only sprain your ankle the first time, these kinds of accidents can result in long-term illnesses like broken bones and even paralysis.

In 2014/15, around 223,000 workers had to take time off for back pain and working still contributes to 37% of all bad back complaints today. Pains in the back, neck, upper and lower limbs can also leave you with extra physiotherapy costs when income is already low.

An estimated 11 million work days are lost to stress every year, whether or not workers turn up or use their sick days. While stress can lead to other mental illness, such as depression and sleep disorders, it can also contribute to physical illness like heart disease and ulcers.

11% of all serve asthma cases and 9% of all cases of lung cancer can be linked back to the workplace. Also, if you work in a dust-heavy environment such as a warehouse or building site, the odds of developing a long-term breathing condition are much higher compared to other industries.

While only 8% of all injuries are caused in the workplace, everyone heals differently and while you might try your best, you may need longer to recover than your statutory sick pay allows. Time needed to heal also goes up with age, so the older you are, the slower you recover.


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“Income Protection Insurance is just the same as PPI.”
They actually couldn’t be more different! Where PPI covers a particular debt and payouts go to the lender causing the debt, Income Protection gives you a tax-free percentage of your income when you can’t work due to illness or injury. Best of all, that money is yours to spend as you need it, not locked away with someone else entirely.
“My workplace has to cover me no matter what.”
Most employers tend to stick to the legal minimum known as statutory sick pay, which only covers 28 weeks of illness at £94.25 a week. This is lower than the percentage payout offered by Income Protection Insurance.
“But it’s so expensive.”
A lot of factors go into how much you’d have to pay into your policy. Your health and “bad” habits can have an effect, the kind of job you have will be taken into account and then there’s the level of cover you’re looking to take out. However, here at Protect My Pockets, we only want to find the right policy for you at the right price, just for that extra peace of mind.

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